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2018 Volunteers

A special  thank you to our volunteers!  It takes a lot of time and dedication to pull this event together.  Their time and talents are valuable.  Thank them them for supporting our schools with their energy and commitment!
Parent Volunteers
Eleni Angelopoulos (Misetic), Co-Chair of Event
Tina Bonati, Chair of Finance
Jenny Bordieri (Chiang), Chair of Signage and Marketing
Joe Cellura, Co-Chair of Music
Melissa Chiovitti

Maria DeSanctis, Co-Chair of Music

DeeJae Diliberto, Photography

Libby Doumanis, Co-Chair of Event

Marietta Frangiskatos, Games

Blanche Fung Liu, Crafts

Doug Gauld

Jennie Held

Jennifer Herber (Plunkett), Co-Chair of Event

Eric Linder, Chair of Games

Connie Pinilla

Rob Plunkett

John Regan

Jeremy and Zinia Shao

Liya Sinai, Chair of Sponsorships

Anastasia Tsongas

Chris-Marie Tzavelis

Argie Vatakis, Chair of Volunteers and Crafts

Aphrodite Vorillas

Emily Yang

Student Volunteers
Isabella Bonati
Chloe Chee
Eva Misetic
Sara Plunkett
Sarah Shao, Student Chair of Volunteers
Adele Sinai, Student Chair of Sponsorships
Henry Tzavelis
Thomas Tzavelis
Interested in Volunteering?
We need your help!  If you have ideas or time to contribute, please click here or contact  We welcome your support!
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